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Experience: Deluxe Blue Mountains Trip

Blue Mountains

Experience the majesty of the 'Blue Mountains,' a natural masterpiece in Australia's heart. This stunning realm is a tapestry of lush valleys, towering peaks, and eucalyptus-clad vistas. Behold the iconic Three Sisters rock formation and delve into the area's rich Aboriginal heritage. Watch in awe as the sun paints the landscape with vibrant hues during both sunrise and sunset, casting a magical glow on this natural wonder. Immerse yourself in the enchanting Blue Mountains, a testament to the power of nature's artistry.


Day Three – Saturday 26 November 2023 

Visit to Calmsley Hill

Departing from the city our first stop of the day is at Calmsley Hill a working farm home to Kangaroo’s, Emu’s, Wombat and Koala’s. Here we have exclusive early entry to the farm to enjoy our wildlife interaction. Here we have time to enjoy photos with Koala’s,feed the kangaroos and wallabies, enjoy Morning tea/coffee refreshments and time to wander at leisure.

Discover the Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains National Park is one of seven national parks that make up theGreater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area. This wonderland of sandstone outcrops,deep ravines and hazy blue eucalypt forests boasts luxury retreats and stunning views.Today your guide will take you off the beaten track to visit remote lookout locations anddiscuss the history, flora and fauna of this magnificent region.

This morning we will visit one of a range of stunning outlooks of the Jamison Valleyseeing the beautiful vistas. Where possible this will be away from the crowds of toursthat visit the mountains each day, thus our guests will enjoy a stress and hurry freeenvironment taking in the views and information imparted by their guide.

Views of the Three Sisters

Continuing we arrive at Eaglehawk Lookout, a remote lookout away from the crowds.Whilst the Blue Mountains features so much more than this natural attraction you can’thelp but admire the unquestionable beauty of this amazing rock formation. Thecharacter of the Three Sisters changes throughout the day and throughout the seasonsas the sunlight brings out the magnificent colours. Here your guide will discuss thelegends behind this famous rock formation and time to take some great photos.

Lunch Stop at Boilerhouse Cafe, Hydro Majestic

The Hydro Majestic is the iconic historical hotel stretching 1.1km along the escarpmentedge of the spectacular World Heritage-listed Blue Mountains overlooking thepicturesque Megalong Valley. Here in the renovated building of the old power station,with spectacular views, we enjoy a delightful 2 course lunch with tea/coffee per person.Beverages are at own expense and can be purchased on the day.

Govetts Leap & Mt Tomah

Once you clap your eyes on the view from Govetts Leap you’ll know why it’s one of the most famous lookouts in Australia. The magnificent waterfall drops a whopping 180mto the base of the cliff and here we enjoy a glass of Australian Sparking Wine whilst you marvel at the views. Our last stop is at the delightful Mt Tomah Botanic Gardens toenjoy the sweeping views across to Sydney before arriving back at your hotel approximately 4.30 - 5.00pm.

Average Temperature & Rainfall for Sydney

Historical Rainfall & Temperature averages:

Average temperature is in Celsius/ Rainfall amounts are in millimeters. 25mm isapproximately equal to 1 inch. A rainy day is counted if rainfall exceeds 0.2mm

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