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Preventing People from Breaking

Soter Analytics


"Safety is a collaboration, not a competition." 

- Matthew Hart, Founder and CEO Soter Analytics

Matthew Hart, former BHP Billiton engineer, co-founded Soter Analytics in 2016 with technology expert, Alexey Pavlenko. Today, the Soter Analytics team are a combination of engineers (Artificial Intelligence (AI), hardware, and programmers), experienced ergonomists, and ex-industrial operations managers whose goal is to prevent people from breaking. 

Soter Analytics has been founded on the conviction that more should and could be done to help manual handling workers reduce their injury risk. New technologies can be used as enablers to develop ground-breaking occupational health and ergonomics solutions.

When asked what the Soter Analytics team looked forward to by participating in the World Congress, Matthew Hart replied, "new learnings, the manifestation of relationships, and the scope for other exciting possibilities to develop and grow further."

He also stated that "with more than five years of hands-on implementation experience using technology-driven injury reduction solutions, we have a strong understanding of the benefits and barriers they can present. Sharing what is good in theory, doesn't necessarily work on the ground given the infancy of most of these technologies, and we hope to impart our learnings and case studies so that organizations wanting to engage or learn more about AI-driven solutions are aware and familiar with all it entails."

Hart also shared how he and his team "hope that attendees leave with new and relatable information when it comes to using technology in the workplace, gain knowledge of best practices, and tools that can be used to help improve implementation, increase productivity, and promote the solutions to workers in ways that make them curious and involved."

As you make your way through the World Congress Exhibition Hall in November 2023, be sure to stop by Soter Analytics' booth. You'll learn so much about the intersection of technology and injury risk reduction.

Discover more of what Soter Analytics do here.

Soter Analytics


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