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Seventy Years & Counting: Introducing AIHS

Announcing our first Exhibitor – AIHS, the Australian Institute for Health & Safety: the national association for the health and safety profession. 

“We are looking forward to connecting with delegates from around the world and supporting stronger global networks within the profession by generating greater engagement and collaboration, and sharing our stories and insights from down under,” says Naomi Kemp (COHSProf) and AIHS Chair.  

AIHS represents the occupational safety and health profession in policy, advocacy and standards work, and provides a wide range of services to the field including career support, peer engagement, information services, professional development and career learning opportunities for health and safety practitioners.  

Ms Kemp further shares how AIHS is the steward of “the OHS Body of Knowledge (OHS BoK) which is available globally and is foundational in OHS educational, certification and professional development programs. Our involvement in the World Congress enables us to continue to share the value of the OHS BoK and influence improvements to health and safety education, training and awareness.” 

AIHS’ vision is safe and healthy people in productive workplaces and communities. Their advocacy and work are about shaping workplace health and safety now and for future generations. AIHS’s area of focus include: 

  • Supporting the development of world-class health and safety practice 

  • Providing a collective voice for the profession

  • Adding further value to industry

  • Working to improve health and safety for future generations by educating the wider community 

“Everything we do at the AIHS is about shaping workplace health and safety in Australia”, says Ms Kemp, “being involved in the World Congress allows us to continue to support the development of world-class health and safety practice both in Australia and beyond.”  

Learn more about the work AIHS does here

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