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Shift the Conversation and Change the Future of Work

Do you have a story, opportunity, case study, or research that should be presented on the world’s stage?   

Contribute your knowledge and expertise to global harm prevention at the 23rd World Congress on Safety and Health at Work. 

Submitting an abstract takes only 10 minutes and allows you to share your knowledge with thousands of international leaders, decision makers, and experts in occupational safety and health (OSH). 

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You don’t need to be a researcher, regulator or senior executive to share your views. The World Congress seeks to share the perspectives and stories of people from all industries and roles. 

The 23rd World Congress theme is Shaping Change, collaborating for a healthier and safer world of work. When submitting your abstract, you’ll want to consider how your knowledge fits within the theme, the key Congress topics, and what’s of interest to the broader OSH community.  

The key topics of this Congress are  

  • collaborating for a better future 

  • a changing world of work  

  • futureproofing against risks 

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When we asked our audience what they see are the top work health and safety risks to employees, they named: 

  • mental health 

  • physical risk 

  • workload  

They also shared what they’re most interested in hearing about: 

  • how to create a safety culture 

  • OSH leadership 

  • how technology is driving change 

  • psychosocial factors at work 

  • human-centric design and behavioural insights 

  • protecting ageing workers 

  • managing OSH in high-risk industries 

  • integrating safety in design 

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But this doesn’t mean you can’t submit an abstract on any other topic – we’re looking for great storytelling and knowledge sharing above all else. In the words of Dr Tim Driscoll, Professor of Epidemiology and Occupational Medicine, Director of the Master of Public Health Sydney School of Public Health, and Faculty of Medicine and Health, 

“the World Congress is an important forum for exchange and translation between research and practice, providing a great opportunity to bring leading research to the eyes and ears of the real world of occupational health and safety and bring real world insights to the design and conduct of occupational health and safety research”. 

Abstract submissions close 30 November 2022 and we’ll notify you if you’ve been successful in April 2023. If for any reason you need to update your abstract submission, you’ll be able to amend it until the closing date. 

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🔥 We’re giving Australian registered delegates the chance to win 20 tickets to Luna Park Sydney. Enjoy a fun day out for you and your team!
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23rd World Congress | Sydney, Australia

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