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Skye's the Limit: A Deep Dive into OSH with the World Congress Director


Skye Buatava, our Director of the World Congress, recently shared her OSH journey in a candid interview with World of Safety and Health Asia. She delves into her commitment to the prevention of harm and offers a nuanced perspective on the evolving landscape of workplace safety.

If you're keen to explore the intricate layers of OSH, this interview is a must-read. It not only provides a glimpse into Skye's ethos but also sets the stage for the conversations we'll be having at the World Congress this November in Sydney. The World Congress will serve as a melting pot for diverse perspectives in OSH, offering an unparalleled opportunity for global collaboration.

To read the full interview with Skye and to get a sense of what awaits you at the World Congress, click here.

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22 November, 2023
Assistant Professor Glykeria Skamagki completed her PHD in Occupational Health, focusing on the management of chronic musculoskeletal disorders (CMSDs) in the workplace. “This was a crucial area of study, given the increasing age of the global workforce, and the prevalence of CMSDs amongst older workers,” she explains. “My research was focused on bridging the gap between workplace demands and the health needs of ageing employees, and exploring the interventions that are offered to and used by older workers.”
22 November, 2023
After thirty-five years in the aerospace industry, Lorraine Martin continues her commitment to the prevention of preventable fatalities and keeping people safe wherever they may be. Her knowledge and experiences in the prevention of psychological safety will be in the spotlight at the 23rd World Congress.
22 November, 2023
Psychologist and Organisational Research Analyst Monica Trezise is bringing her research and work in sustainable work design and climate anxiety to the World Congress. In this conversation, we explore with Monica, why she believes co-creation and collaboration with employees is key to good work design and addressing climate anxiety in the workplace.

23rd World Congress | Sydney, Australia

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