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Candace Carnahan Keynote

Candace Carnahan Keynote
Duration 1 hour

Make it Personal
Make it Matter
Make it Safe

Candace Carnahan’s path as a safety advocate resulted from a devastating workplace incident in which she lost her leg at the age of 21. That day could have taken her life, and it was completely preventable. One step changed her life.

Since that day 20 years ago, more than half a million people have heard her message of workplace safety. Her advocacy reaches into every layer of an organisation – from corporate offices to manufacturing and production environments.

With nothing more than a microphone and a breadth of stories, Candace captivates. She is just as at home on conference stages as she is on offshore rigs, or production facilities – anywhere employees are making decisions about their safety.

Candace Carnahan Keynote

23rd World Congress | Sydney, Australia

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