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Healthcare: A Resilient Workforce on the Frontline

Healthcare: A Resilient Workforce on the Frontline
Duration 1.5 Hours

The healthcare sector continues to step up in the face of extreme adversity worldwide. From pandemics to patient violence and aggression, fatigue, occupational disease and mental health decline, healthcare workers face physical and mental risks daily. 

Join this symposium to listen to stories from the frontline, hear global perspectives and approaches to OSH, and learn how to apply proven and new methods applicable worldwide. 

Healthcare: A Resilient Workforce on the Frontline


Anja Zyska bw.png
Dr. Anja Zyska

Head of Division of Occupational Medicine | SUVA


Kathy Chrisfield bw
Kathy Chrisfield

OH&S Team Manager I Australian Nursing & Midwifery Federation


jonathan mensah bw.png
Jonathan Mensah

Director Sefwi wiaso Hospital and Regional HIV coordinator Western North Region | Ghana Health Service


Manfred Schoch bw
Manfred Schoch

Member of the Board of the ISSA | BMW Statutory Insurance Health Insurance


Peter Pollnitz bw.png
Peter Pollnitz

Manager of Work Health Safety & Injury Management | Central Adelaide Local Health Network, SA Health


Kim Harmosi updated.png
Kim Hamrosi

CEO | Corporate Mental Health Alliance

23rd World Congress | Sydney, Australia

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