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Reaching the Unreached

Reaching the Unreached
Duration 1.5 Hours

As work health and safety professionals, we know that information can save lives. But how do we get this information to the hundreds of millions of informal workers around the world? 

The International Labour Organization states that the informal economy comprises more than half of the global labour force and more than 90 per cent of micro and small enterprises worldwide. While informality is an important characteristic of labour markets, the workers that make up the informal economy are at greater risk of workplace harm, as they are less likely to be recognised, registered, regulated, or protected under labour legislation and social protection. Moderator Dr Sven Timm, Director of the Central Prevention Division at German Social Accident Insurance, will explain in detail who these workers are and why getting information about work health and safety to them is critical. Dr Rajendra Kumar, Director General of the Employees' State Insurance Corporation, India, will discuss the challenges of reaching the informal sector and some of the communication strategies that have worked to reach them in India. 

Bonnie Yau, from the Occupational Safety and Health Council, Hong Kong, will join fellow panelist Hatem Alsibaie, from the General Organization for Social Insurance, Saudi Arabia, to discuss strategies for providing adequate and timely support for small and medium-sized enterprises to improve workplace safety. Learn about the impact of OSH risk exposure on gig workers from Monica Nwosu, from the Association of Nigeria Women Safety Professionals, Institute of Safety Professionals of Nigeria, World Safety Organisation, and the different approaches that can be taken to better protect their safety and health from Dr Azlan Darus, from the Social Security Organization, Malaysia. Finally, Cam Stevens, from Pocketknife Group, Australia will explore the role technology can play in reaching the unreached and present further innovations, preventions, and future solutions in conversation with fellow panelists. 

There are many challenges that come with ensuring the health and safety of the informal workforce. Protecting them from the immediate risks of climate change is one that will be explored in the Our Precarious Planet symposium on Tuesday 28 November. 

Reaching the Unreached


Azlan Darus bw
Dr. Azlan Darus

Head of Prevention, Medical and Rehabilitation Division | Social Security Organization of Malaysia (SOCSO)


Bonnie Yau bw
Bonnie Yau

Executive Director | Occupational Safety and Health Council Hong Kong


Rajendra Kumar bw2
Dr Rajendra Kumar

Director General | Employees’ State Insurance Corporation, India


Hatem Alsibaie bw
Hatem Alsibaie

Senior Occupational Safety And Health Engineer | General Organization for Social Insurance (GOSI)


Monica Nwosu

Co-founder and Executive Director | Association of Nigerian Women Safety Professionals (ANWOSAP)




Cam Stevens
Cam Stevens

Director | Technology & Digital Transformation, Pocketknife Group


Sven Timm bw
Sven Timm

Director of Central Prevention Division | Deutsche Gesetzliche Unfallversicherung e.V.

23rd World Congress | Sydney, Australia

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