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Zipho Sikhakhane Keynote

Zipho Sikhakhane Keynote
Duration 1 hour

Business Strategist, Leader

How do you begin to solve some of the toughest and most complex occupational safety and health (OSH) challenges? For Zipho Sikhakhane, it starts with collaborative leadership.

In her keynote address, Zipho will take you on a journey across the African continent sharing OSH success stories and lessons learned from them. She’ll dive into the challenges faced by African nations, and the innovative solutions used to solve them.

It’s through these stories you’ll hear her perspective on the importance of inclusivity, cultural competence, and learning to create safer workplaces for all. You’ll ultimately learn the crucial role collaboration and leadership have in futureproofing against ongoing and re-emerging risks.

Zipho Sikhakhane Keynote

23rd World Congress | Sydney, Australia

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